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amitoune pwns j00

2007-11-01 20:12:19 by Cmeister

amitoune is underrated... it is the greatest game on NG. you can get pets, build houses, Mug people, pwn n00bs and moar!! So if you play it respond to this news-post k? and did i mention it's multiplayer?


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2007-11-23 10:08:30

I'm not a fan of MUD, but it must have taken quite some effort to do all that in Flash.

Cmeister responds:

at least you appreciate the creators effort. It takes a lot of patience to learn muds


2008-02-07 15:55:06

heyheyheyyyy, long time no see.... err.... type! :D

Cmeister responds:

hi ;)


2008-03-28 06:49:56

Hi man !


2008-07-21 00:12:23

Hey, haven't herd from u in a while... are u still at NG?


2009-03-19 00:05:05

Cam is that you ireconized you because of that metal slug animation in art class how's it going mah peep :3...


Cmeister responds:

pretty good yo! just got a pimpin new level pic for my profile :D


2009-05-02 14:12:57

I see you are back. Good luck with your animations. I would make my own, but... I am too poor.
Also, happy belated Pico Day, dude!